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If you have questions about CBBAG or would like to contact someone in a specific service or programme area, please see the information below. CBBAG's  staff are in the head office on a limited part-time or volunteer basis, so please be prepared to leave a message if you call. A staff member or volunteer will get back to you as quickly as possible. 


Email is the best way to contact CBBAG as most of its staff, volunteers, and programme coordinators are spread quite broadly across Canada. They look forward to hearing from you. 

CBBAG's mailing address is:

Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild

80 Ward Street, Suite 207
Toronto ON  M6H 4A6  Canada


CBBAG head office phone number is 416-581-1071; phone messages are checked intermittently, please be prepared to leave a message. If possible, please contact CBBAG at an e-mail listed below.


Join CBBAG on Facebook at: CBBAG Facebook group


Here is a  general directory of CBBAG's service and programme related  emails: 

General E-mail:

Membership Registrar:

Home Study Registrar:

Workshop Registrar:

Video Loan Librarian:

Publications (for the CBBAG magazine, Book Arts arts du livre Canada): 

Note: certain CBBAG e-mails (membership notices, workshop registrations, e-network notices) are sent to CBBAG members from an admin@ e-mail address - however, e-mails sent to that address are lost in the ether and not read. Please DO NOT send e-mails to that address.

If you are not sure whom to contact, please contact cbbag@cbbag,ca


CBBAG board of directors:
Vice President -  Jose Villa-Arce

Past President - Mary McIntyre

Secretary - Iona M. Reid
Treasurer - Barbara Trott
Directors at large:

Jocelyn Aird-Belanger

Kelly Moore
Arielle Vanderschans

CBBAG board committee chairs:

  • Chapters Liaison - Jose Villa-Arce
  • Communications - Kelly Moore
  • National Education - Patrick Miller
  • Publications - Frances Hunter
  • Social Media - Arielle Vanderschans
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