Want a Workshop in Your Town?

General Information
The basic essentials for a workshop are: a local organizer; a space with tables with a good working surface and a chair for each participant; good light; press boards (e.g., pieces of plywood about 10” x 12”) and weights (e.g., bricks), particularly for core curriculum courses; and easy access to water for paste and washing up. The table space allotted per student is usually 4 feet in width. There must be at least one washroom available.

The National Education Committee of CBBAG has developed Workshop Guidelines. While these were designed to assist regional chapters of CBBAG, they may be equally useful to independent bookbinders' groups when organizing workshops in their area.

The local organizer and the teacher work out details of the course dates, fees (including teaching fee and materials fee), course subject,  and equipment which may be required. The teacher is responsible for providing a course title, course description, and a list of materials and/or tools the student should bring to the course.

The local organizer is responsible for providing accommodation, either paying for a hotel room or bed and breakfast or arranging for a local person to accommodate the instructor. The instructor normally books transportation and is reimbursed for this.

Since most instructors have very busy schedules, they must be booked well in advance. If the instructor has special requirements, allergies, etc., these are specified.

Fees and Costs
The instructor's fees are negotiated directly with the instructor but usually range from $200 per day to $600 per day.  Alternatively, the fee may be arranged on a per student basis. Instructors are not paid for travel time or for the time spent on acquisition and preparation of materials, unless otherwise agreed.

Student fees are predicated on a share of the instructor fee and travel cost, accommodation if required (again, many instructors are agreeable to being billeted locally), and the costs of transporting equipment, if required.

Usually the instructor provides materials with a materials fee paid by the students directly to the instructor. These range from $10 (e.g.,  materials for a one-day pop-up books workshop) to $50 (e.g., vellum or leather) per student. Materials fees are usually in the $20 to $30 range and are listed with the course descriptions.

Currently CBBAG registers students for in-studio workshops organized by the GTA Chapter of CBBAG only. Registration elsewhere must be managed by the local chapter. CBBAG is willing to help chapters publicize their workshops. For further information contact CBBAG workshop@cbbag.ca

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