Checklist of what you should be familiar with 

after completing Bookbinding I

• basic sewing technique

• folding and slitting

• cutting board with knife and straight edge

• dimensioning

• knocking the text block up square

• pasting and lining the spine

• grain direction with paper, board and cloth direction parallel to the spine

• sewing on endpapers

• cutting square

• laminating and lining boards in order to stabilize and balance them

• sanding board edges and knocking off the points of the boards

• making the German Case with the correct width of the spine strip

• correctly seating boards at the base of the joint

• making bookcloth

• filling-in between turn-ins and between covering material

• boards not bowing or bowing-in parallel to the spine

• hanging-in the textblock

• correctly opening the book after drying

• correct techniques of

   • cutting with knife and straight edge

   • slitting

   • pasting

   • squaring

   • tipping

   • sanding

   • preparing made endbands

• covering boards with paper and/or cloth; the tuck-in at the corners, the up and over action in stretching the covering material over the edges of the board, easing into the spine area of the case, adhering well to all board edges and most particularly in the spine dip

• hanging-in

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