Translation of Book Arts Terms, from English to French


When, for the first time, CBBAG was able to pay for translation from English to French for The Art of the Book ’03 exhibition catalogue, the exhibition curators found that the translation service did not have available many bookbinding and book arts technical terms. This set us off in hot pursuit of this material. This pursuit grew and grew into a major endeavour.

CBBAG does not claim that this is a definitive translation of book arts terms from English to French. There are many differences of opinion on this as in so much else in bookbinding and "livres d'artiste." However, we worked very hard on it and hope that you will find it useful.

We, at CBBAG, realize that we are going out-on-a-limb in doing something so possibly contentious as offering this translation. In addition, it is being offered as English to French only. This was decided upon because CBBAG is not in a position to determine what the French terms are that it would be useful to translate. Several present and past members have attempted this translation from French to English without ever completing it and we consider it presumptuous enough for CBBAG to have attempted this section of the total. If you know of a reasonably dependable French-English translation, please inform us.

You will find words where we have found no translation, and words where our translation is questionable, as well as words that we didn't think of at all which are therefore totally omitted. CBBAG would be happy to receive your input into the completion or correction of this project.

Shelagh Smith & Hélène Francoeur

CBBAG ne considère aucunement le glossaire anglais-français proposé ici comme étant la meilleure traduction possible des termes techniques des arts du livre puisque les opinions diffèrent à l'intérieur même des cercles de la reliure et des livres d'artistes.

Quand la GCRAL (Guilde canadienne des relieurs et d’artistes du livre) put pour la première fois s’offrir des services de traduction pour traduire le catalogue d’exposition The Art of the Book ’03 en français, les conservateurs de l’exposition constatèrent que le service de traduction était plutôt démuni de termes techniques s’appliquant à la reliure et à l’art du livre. Ce qui fut au début une recherche dynamique de ces termes devint une entreprise de longue haleine.

De longues heures de recherche ont présidé à la naissance de ce glossaire qui, nous l'espérons, vous sera utile, même s'il est encore incomplet.

Nous avons besoin de vous pour corriger, compléter et enrichir ce glossaire: certains mots attendent encore une traduction, d'autres pourraient être plus justement traduits. Il peut aussi arriver que des mots ne figurent pas encore au glossaire. Faites-nous part de vos suggestions et commentaires, nous les recevront avec plaisir!

Nous sommes conscients à GCRAL que nous prenons un risque énorme en proposant cette traduction qui, au demeurant, n’est offerte que de l’anglais vers le français. Cette restriction s’explique par le fait que le GCRAL n’est pas en mesure de déterminer quels sont les mots français dont la traduction en anglais se justifierait. Certains de nos membres actuels et passés ont tenté de présenter des traductions du français vers l’anglais sans jamais terminer leur travail et il serait présomptueux du GCRAL de prétendre vouloir terminer leur œuvre. Si vous connaissez des traductions du français vers l’anglais qui font autorité, soyez gentils de nous le faire savoir.

Shelagh Smith & Hélène Francoeur

Note 1:

In some cases there actually are two kind of French language. Some words can be different in Québec and in France. For example, in Québec, we say relieure for a woman bookbinder and in France they say relieuse. In Québec, many will still say "épine" instead of "dos" for the spine of a book, épine being a direct translation of spine, and a reminder that many binders here worked for English owners.

Difference in techniques will cause difficulties in translation. For example, the German case is quite close to the French Bradel, but not exactly the same; the French really don’t use the term flexagon, etc (see Note 2 below). Often a single term in English will translate as a phrase in French.

Note 2:

About lap stitch, link stitch, lock stitch, long & link stitch, slip stitch, and tongue and slot binding, I looked in all my books and magazines; the English describe these words and techniques, but NOT the French ones; if no translation is found, I suggest going on using English, writing the words in italic.

Note 3:

There are things that are not used by French binders (e.g. spoke shave), terms they don’t use (e.g. French groove), and techniques which are rarely, if ever used by French binders (e.g. case binding).

Note 1:

Il y a dans certains cas deux langues françaises. Certains mots s’emploient au Québec et non en France et vice-versa. Par exemple, on emploie « relieure » au Québec (en désignant une femme qui relie des livres) alors qu’on préfère « relieuse » en France. Au Québec, on emploiera le mot « épine » au lieu de « dos » en parlant d’un livre, le mot

« épine » étant la traduction littérale du mot anglais « spine », parce que probablement beaucoup de relieurs travaillaient pour des patrons anglophones.

Des différences de techniques entraînent parfois des difficultés de traduction. Ainsi le Bradel allemand est assez similaire au français. En français, le mot « flexagon » etc… est inusité (voir note 2 ci-dessous). Souvent, il faudra en français toute une phrase pour traduire un seul mot anglais.

Note 2:

J’ai eu beau chercher dans mes livres et magazines, je n’ai pu trouver d’équivalent français pour les mots « lap stitch », « link stitch », « lock stitch », « long & link stitch », « slip stitch » ,et « tongue and slot binding ». Si aucun équivalent français existe, je propose qu’on utilise les mots anglais, mais en les mettant en italiques.

Note 3:

Les relieurs francophones n’utilisent pas certaines techniques ( « spoke shave », « case binding » ) ou termes ( « French groove »).

Words for which no translation has yet been found/Nous avons trouvé des mots pour lesquels aucune traduction n’existe:

altered book =

bloom =

boarding (of leather) =

drag =

drape =

drummed-on =

encapsulation =

flexagon = [In French, depends on the number of sides e.g. pentagon; flexagon translates as folded sides and is not used, H.F.]

laid/laid and chain =

to lift (leather) =

scarf join (leather) =

slip stitch =

to start (sections jumped) =

strike-through =

tack =

tacket =

throwing up ( of the book in opening) =

tongue and slot binding =

Questionable translations (among others)/Traductions douteuses (parmi d’autres):


all-over style = décoration (f) à repetition

alum rosin sizing = colophane (f) d'alun

arch = arche (f); voûte (f)

arched = voûte(e) adj.

to arch or bend (in bookbinding) = archer v.; voûter [when speaking of boards, arch is cambrure (f), to arch is cambrer v., arched is cambré(e) adj.]

bast fibres = les fibres (f pl) de basat

bridle = bridle, bridel

cameo binding = reliure (f) caméo; reliure (f) à médaille (f)

catch stitch = noeud (m)

centre tool = centre (m), outil, fer

diaper design =dessin courant, dessin à répetition

diapered =couché

extra binding = reliure proprement dite

facsimile binding = reliure (f) en fac-similé

Fourdrinier = fourdrinier

gilder’s tip = couchoir

hatching = hachures

hooked, hooking = accrochage (m)

hygroscopic = hygroscopique adj.

inner margin, gutter = petit fond (m); Could be marge (f) intérieure adj.

iron-gall ink = encre (m) à bile (f) de fer

link (stitch) = point à chaînon

lock (stitch) = verrouiller

long stitch = couture (f) longue

long & link stitch = couture (f) longue et chainettes

loop (stitch) = point traverser

mitre joint = assemblage (m) à onglet [Does this apply to mitring a leather corner in bookbinding? S.S.]

mitre = mitre (f) [This seems to be a bishop’s mitre but it’s all I can find in the dictionary. S.S.]

mitred decoration = filets (m pl) à onglets

nipping = metre en presse v. (rapidement)

on wire = sur fil (m)

pivot point = point (m)

print state = épreuve (f) avec toute lettre

protection sheet = protection

pulpboard = carton-pâte (m)

shell gold = or (m) en coquille

spine board = faux-dos (m)

strapwork = enchevêtrement(m)

tear strength = déchirer force; it has to do with resistance to tearing so it could be résistance (f)

tip = bout (m); truc (m)

to nest = se nicher v.

to rubricate = rubriquer v.

trefoil = trèfle (m)

Translation of terms from English to French: sections are, in order: book arts; bookbinding; paper/paper decoration/papermaking; and printing./Traductions de termes de l’anglais vers le français. Les sections sont, dans l’ordre, l’art du livre, la reliure, la papeterie et l’impression.

Words relating to the book arts/Les mots utilisés dans l’art du livre:

archivists = archivistes (m or f pl)

artists’ books = livres (m pl) d’artistes

bibliographer = bibliographe (m or f)

bibliophiles = bibliophiles (m or f pl)

book arts = arts (m pl) du livre

book artists = artistes (m or f pl) du livre

bookbinders = relieurs (m pl)

boxmaking = cartonnage (f); fabrication (f) de boîtes

calligraphers = calligraphes ( m or f pl)

calligraphy = calligraphie (f)

conservation = conservation (f); préservation (f)

conservators = conservateurs (m or f pl)

fine printing = imprimerie (f) d’art

fine binding = reliure (f) d’art

librarians = bibliothécaires (m or f pl)

library = bibliothèque (f)

marblers = marbreurs (m or f pl)

marbling = marbrure (f)

paper decorating = décoration (f) du papier

papermakers = papetiers (m pl)

papermaking = fabrication (f) du papier

printers = imprimeurs (m or f pl)

Words relating to bookbinding/Les mots utilisés dans la reliure:

a bevel = biseau (m); surface (f) oblique

a stitch (in sewing) = point (m)

abrasion, rubbing = frottis (m) could also be usure (f) [Depending on context, like when a board deteriorates by rubbing against something. H.F.]

accordian fold = en accordéon adv.

acid migration = migration (f) d’acide

acid-free = papier (m) sans acide (f)

acidic = acide adj.

acrylic = acrylique (m)

adherance = adhérance (f)

adhere = adhérer v.

adhesion = adhésion (f)

adhesive binding; rubber adhesive = reliure (f) à dos de collé

adhesive = adhésif (sive) adj.; collante (e) adj.; adhésive (m); colle (f)

agate burnisher = brunissoire (m), agate (f)

age = vieillir v. [as in "to age"]

album = album (m)

alcohol = alcool (m)

alkaline = alcalin(e) adj.

all-along sewing = couture (f) tout du long adv.

all-over style = décoration (f) à repetition

almond oil = huile (f) d’amande (f)

altered book =

alum tawed = traité(e) à l’alun (m) adj.

alum = alun (m)

alum tanning, tawing = tannage (m) à l'alun

and backing = endossure (f)

anhydrous lanolin = lanoline (f) anhydre

antique = antiquité (f)

to antique = vieillir v.

aqueous = aqueux (se) adj.

arabesque = arabesque (f)

arch = arche (f); voûte (f)

to arch or bend (in bookbinding) = archer v.; voûter

arched = voûté(e) adj.

Armenian bole = bol (m) d’Arménie

armorial binding = reliure (f) armoriée

art of bookbinding = l’art (m) de la reliure

attachment = attache (f); lien (m)

awl = alène (f); poinçon (m)

azure tooling = azurés (m pl); azur (m)

back, backbone, spine = dos (m)

to back, backing = endosser v.

back cover = plat (m) dessous

back to back = dos à dos (m)

the backing = endossure (f)

backing boards = ais (m pl) à endosser

backing hammer = marteau (m) à endosser

backing press, backer = étau (m) à endosser

backing, support = renfort (m) du dos; goudrons (m pl)

badger hair brush = blaireau (m)

badly trimmed = mal rogné(e) adj.

band nippers = pince (f) à nerfs

bands, raised bands = nerfs (m pl)

basil = basane (f)

beads = perles (f pl)

beeswax = cire (f) d’abeille

to bevel = biseauter v.

bevelled boards = plats (m pl) biseautés

binder, bookbinder = relieur (m); relieure (f) (Québec); relieuse (f) (France)

bindery = atelier (m) de reliure

binding = reliure (f)

to bind in boards = cartonner v.

to bind a book = relier v. un livre

to bind, forward = relier v.

binding slip, instructions to the binder = bordereau (m)

binding in boards = reliure (f) passée en carton

binding from sheets = livre (m) en feuilles destiné à la reliure

binding in paper covers = brochure (f)

blank leaf = feuille (f) blanche

blank book = livre (m) blanc

bleeding = saignant(e) adj.

blind stamping = estampage (m) (decoratif) à froid

blind = décor à froid

blind tooling = estampage (m) à froid; dorure (f) à froid; fer (m) à froid

blocking press = presse (f) à dorer

bloom =

blotter = buvard (m)

blotting paper = papier (m) buvard

board sheet/paste down, inside of the cover board = contreplat (m); garde contreplat (m); garde (f) collée adj.

board attachment = charnière (f); attache (f) des plats

board thickness = épaisseur(f) du plat; épaisseur (f) du carton

board = carton (m); plat (m)

boarding (of leather) =

boards = livre(m) cartonné

boards = plats (m pl); cartons (m)

body of the book, bookblock = corps (m) d’ouvrage

bone folder = plioir (m)

book box = étui (m); coffret (m)

book cloth = toile (f) à reliure

book = livre (m)

bookbinder = relieur (m)

bookbinder’s press = presse (f) de relieur

bookblock/textblock = corps (m) d’ouvrage

bookplate, ex libris = ex-libris (m)

border = bordure (f); encadrement (m)

boss = ferrure (f); cabochon (m)

boss = boulon (m)

bottom board = plat (m) inférieur

bottom, tail side = queue (f)

bound on = reliés

bound = relié (e) adj.

bound volume = volume (m) relié

bound on tabs = reliés sur languettes

bound in boards = livre (m) cartonné

box calf = veau (m) en box (m)

box = boîte (f)

bradel = Bradel (m); reliure (f) Bradel

brass = laiton (m)

to break = casser; briser v.

bridle = bride (f); attacher v.

Bristol board = papier (m) bristol; (m) bristol

brittle = fragile (m or f) adj.; cassant(e) adj.

broken back = dos (m) brisé

broken binding = reliure (f) brisée

brush = pinceau (m)

buckram = bougran (m)

buckskin = peau (f) de daim

buffalo = peau (f) de buffle

burnished = bruni(e) adj.; poli(e) adj.

buttons = boutons (m pl)

calf = veau (m)

calf = peau (f) de veau

calf vellum = vélin (m)

calfskin = cuir (m) de veau

cameo = camée (m)

cameo binding = reliure (f) caméo; reliure (f) à médaille (f)

cap = coiffe (f)

capping up = former la coiffe v.

caps (see headcaps) = coiffes (f pl)

cardboard = carton (m)

Carolingian = carolingien(ne) adj.

carragheen moss/carragheenan = mousse (f) d’Irlande, carraghénine

cartouche = cartouche (f)

case = emboîtage (m); cartonnage Bradel

case binding = emboîtage (m); reliure Bradel

catch stitch = noeud (m)

cathedral style = reliure (f) à la cathédrale

to centre = centrer v.

centre tool = centre (m); outil (m); fer (m)

chain stitch = point (m) de chaînette

chained books = livres (m pl) enchaînés

chained book = livre (m) enchaîné

chamfering, champfering = biseauter v.

channel = grecque (f)

chemise = chemise (f)

chisel = ciseau (m)

chrome tanning = tannage (m) au chrome

clamshell box = coffret (m)

clasp = fermoir (m)

climb = monter v.; aller au cahier suivant v.

closure = fermoir (m)

cloth, bookcloth = toile (f) à relier

cloth hinge =charnière (f) de toile

cloth binding = reliure (f) en toile

cloth hinge = charnière (f) de toile

cockling = gondolage (m)

codex = codex (m)

collate = collationner v.

to collate = collationner v.

collation = collation (f); collationnage (m)

coloured endpapers = gardes couleur (f pl)

coloured edges = tranches (f pl) colorées

combination press = combiné (m)

compartments, spaces between bands = entre-nerfs (m)

concertina fold, accordian fold = pliage (m) concertina; pliage (m) accordéon

concertina = concertina (m)

condition = état (m) de conservation

conservation = conservation (f)

contemporary = contemporain(e) adj.; de l’époque adv.

coptic = de style (m) copte, copte adj.

copy = copie (f)

cord = ficelle (f); corde (f)

cords = ficelles (f pl)

core (headband core) = bâtonnet (m)

corner = coin (m)

corners = coins (m pl)

cornstarch = fécule (f) de maïs

cotton wool, cotton batten = ouate (f)

cover = couverture (f)

to cover, covering-in = couvrir v.; garnir v.

covered in linen = reliure (f) en toile de lin

covering material = étoffe (f) ; matière (f) de couverture

cradle = berceau (m); perçoir (m)

crease = pli (m)

cropped = rogné à l’excès

crushed morocco = maroquin écrasé

crushed = à grain (m) écrasé

curve (of the back) = arrondissure (f)

curved line tool = filet (m) courbe

curved tool, gouge = filet (m) courbe

cut a groove = grecquer v.

cut; trimmed = coupé(e) adj.; rogné(e) adj.

to cut = couper v.

cutter = cisaille (f)

dampen, moisten = humidifier v.

decorated = décoré(e) adj.

decorated paper = papier (m) décoré

decoration = décor (m)

decorative tool = fer (m)

dentelle = reliure (f) à la dentelle

diamond, lozenge = losange (m)

diaper design = dessin (m) courant; dessin (m) à répetition

diapered = couché adj.

diced = en damier adv.

the die = estampe (f); matrice (m)

die cut = matrice (f)

die stamp = cliché (m)

display case = vitrine (f)

the disassembly, pulling of a book = débrochage (m)

dividers = compas (m)

dog eared = écorné(e) adj.

dos-a-dos = dos à dos (m)

dotted = à semis adv.

dotting = semis (m)

double cords = doubles-nerfs (m pl)

doubled = doublé(e) adj.

doublures = doublures (f pl)

dressing = apprêt (m)

drill bit = mèche (f)

drummed-on =

dry = sec (sèche) adj.

to dry = sécher v.

duodecimo = in-douze (m)

dust jacket = chemise (f); jaquette (f)

edge to edge = bord (m) à bord

edge of the board = chant (m); chant (m) d’un carton

edge = tranche (f)

edge decoration = tranches (f pl) décorées; décor (m) des tranches

edge(of the board) = chant (m) du carton

edges = bordures (f pl); tranches (f pl)

edition (binding) = tirage (m) de tête

egg white = blanc d’oeuf (m)

embossed = ciselé adj.; embossé(e) adj.

embrittled = fragile adj.

encapsulation =

endband tie-downs = point de passe (m)

endbands = tranchefiles (f pl)

endpapers = gardes (f pl)

engraved ornamental tool = fleuron (m)

epidermis = fleur (f)

exposed sewing = couture (f) apparente

exposed hinge = charnière (f) apparente; charnière (f) visible

exposed = visible adj.

exposed cords = couture (f) apparente

extra binding = reliure (f) proprement dite

facsimile binding = reliure (f) en fac-similé

faded = passé(e) adj.; pâli(e) adj.

false bands = faux nerfs (m pl)

false bands = faux nerfs (m pl)

fan style = ornement (m) à l’éventail

fanfare style = reliure (f) à la fanfare, style (m) à la fanfare

feathered edge = bord (m) barbé

filigree = filigrane (m)

fillet = filet (m)

finishing = décoration (f) du livre

finishing stove, tooling stove = fourneau (m) à dorure; réchaud (m)

finishing tools = fers (m pl); filets (m pl); fleurons (m pl) roulettes (m pl) (fers include filets, fleurons, roulettes)

finishing press = presse (f) à dorer; presse (f) à billot

fish glue = colle (f) de poisson

flag book = livre-drapeau

flange, hinge = charnière (f)

flap = rabat (m)

flat back = dos (m) plat

flesh side (of leather), dermis = côte (m) chair

flesh side (of a skin), inside = chair (f); côté (m) chair

fleuron = fleuron (m)

flexagon =

flexible = souple adj.; flexible adj.

flexible sewing = couture (f) souple

flyleaf = garde (f) volante

foil = feuille (f) mince; film (m)

fold = pli (m); fond (m) du cahier

to fold = plier v.

to fold over = remplier v.

folder, bone folder = plioir (m)

folding = pliure (f)

foliate = folioter v.

fore-edge painting = gouttière (f) peinte

foredge = gouttière (f)

foredge = gouttière (f)

formaldehyde, formalin = formaldéhyde (m); aldéhye formique (m)

format = format (m)

forward = relier v.

forwarding = préparation (f) du corps du livre; préparation (f) du corps d'ouvrage

foxed = avec des rousseurs (f pl); piqué(e) adj.

foxing = rousseurs (f pl); tache (f) d’humidité; piqûre (f)

fray = effilocher v.

French joint = reliure à gorge

French groove, groove, joint = gorge (f); mors (m)

French chalk = craie (f) de Champagne

full leather binding = reliure (f) pleine peau; plein-cuir (m)

full leather = plein cuir (m)

fungus = moisissure (f)

gall = fiel (m)

to gauffer = gaufrer; estamper; ciseler v.

gauffered edge = tranche (f) antique; tranche (f) ciselée

gauffered = gaufré(e) adj.; orné(e) aux fers adj.; ciselé(e) adj.

gauffering = gaufrage (m); gaufrure (f)

to gild = dorer v.

gilder = doreur (m)

gilder’s tip = couchoir (f)

gilding boards = ais (m pl) à dorer

gilt edges = tranches (f pl) dorées

girdle binding = reliure (f) aumonière

girdle book = reliure (f) à l’aumonière; reliure (f) à queue

glaire, egg white glaire = glaire (f); blanc (m) d’oeuf; blanc (m) du doreur

glass = verre (m)

glaze = vernis (m)

to glaze = satiner v.; vernir v.

glue, size = colle forte (f)

to glue, size = coller v.

goatskin = chèvre (f)

goatskin vellum = parchemin (m) de chèvre

goatskin = peau (f) de chèvre

gold stamping, gilt, gilding = dorure (f)

gold stamped = estampé(e) à l’or adj.

gold tooled = doré(e) adj.

gold tooling = dorure (f), dorure (f) à chaud

gold leaf = feuille (f) d'or; or (m) en feuilles

gold cushion = coussin (m) à or

gouges = gouges (f pl)

grain of leather = grain (m)

grain side = fleur (f); côté (m) fleur

grain (of paper) = sens (m) du grain; grain (m)

grained = grainé(e) adj. (to raise the grain = relever v. le grain)

greasy = gras(se); onctueux(euse) adj.

grind = aiguiser; affiler; affûter v.

grindstone = meule (f); pierre (f) à aiguiser

groove, French groove = gorge (f); mors (m)

guard = onglet (m)

guards = onglets (m pl)

guillotine = massicot (m); guillotine (f)

gum, resin = gomme (f)

hair side/grain side (of leather) = fleur (f); côté (m) fleur

half cloth = demi-toile (f)

half-binding = demi-reliure (f)

hammer = marteau (m)

hand stamping = titrage (m) à la main

handle letters = letters(f pl) montées

handwoven = tissé(e) à la main adj.

hard covers = couverture (f) rigide

hatching = hachure (f)

headbands = tranchefiles (f); comète (f)

headcap = coiffe (f)

head,top edge = tête(f); tranche (f) supérieure; tranche (f) de tête

herringbone = chevron (m)

hide = cuir de vache (m)

hinge = charnière (f)

hinge, flexing of the joint = charnière (f); articulation (f) des plats

hinge = charnière (f)

hinge, transition or pivotal point = charnière (f)

hole = trou (m)

hole punch = poinçon (m)

hollow = soufflet (m)

hollow back = dos (m) brisé; dos (m) à soufflet

hooked endpaper = gardes (f pl) rempliées

hooked, hooking = accrochage (m)

hygrometer = hygromètre (m)

hygroscopic = hygroscopique adj.

illuminated = enluminé(e) adj.

imitation of an old-style binding = pastiche (m)

to impregnate = imprégner v.

in paper = de papier, en papier adj.

in sheets = en feuilles v.

in sheets = en feuilles (f pl)

incunabla = incunable (m)

ink = encre (f)

ink-stain = tache (f) d’encre

inlay = mosaïque (f)

inlaying = incrustation (f)

inner cover = contreplats (m pl)

inner hinge, joint = le mors (m) intérieur; l’articulation (f) intérieure

inside of the board = contreplat (m)

to interlace, intertwine = entrelacer v.

interlaced = entrelacé(e) adj.

interlacing = entrelac (m)

interleaf = feuille (f) intercalaire

to interleave = interfolier

iron oxide = oxyde (m) de fer

iron = fer (m)

iron-gall ink = encre (m) à bile (f) de fer

ivory boards, side = plats (m pl) d’ivoire

joint = mors (m) intérieur

kerf = grecque (f)

kettle stitch = chaînette (f); noeud (m) de chaînette

kettle stitch = chaînette (f)

knife = couteau(m)

knocking up (the signatures) = aligner v. les cahiers

knotted pattern, strapwork, rope pattern = enchevêtrement (m)

label, title piece = pièce (m) de titre; étiquette (f)

lace-work tooling = dentelle (f)

lace-in the slips = passer v. les rubans (m pl); passer les rubans en carton

laced-in = passure (f) en carton

to laminate = laminer v.

laminated = laminé(e) adj.

lap stitch =

laser cut = coupe (f) au laser

latch = loquet (m)

leaf = feuille (f)

leather hinge = charnière (f) de cuir

leather = cuir (m); peau (f)

leather bands = nerfs (m pl); nerfs de peau; nerfs (m pl) de cuir

leather binding = reliure (f) en peau; reliure (f) en cuir

leather hinge = charnière (f) de cuir

levant = maroquin (m) du Levant

lid/top = couvercle (m)

lift =

to lift (leather) =

lifting knife = couteau (m)

limp binding = reliure (f) souple

to line = doubler v.

lined = doublé(e) adj.

linen = toile (f) de lin (covered in linen = reliure (f) en toile de lin)

linen thread = fil (m) de lin

lining = doublage (m); doublure (f)

link = chaînon (m)

link (stitch) = point à chaînon

lock (stitch) = verrouiller

long stitch = couture (f) longue

long filets = palettes (f pl)

long & link stitch = couture (f) longue et chainettes

loop (stitch) = point traverser

loose-leaf = feuille (f) mobile adj.

lower case letter = minuscule (f or adj.)

lozenge = ornamentation (f) à losanges

lying press = combiné (m); reliette (f)

made = composé(e) adj.; fait(e) adj.

marbled edges = tranches (f pl) marbrées

margin = marge (f)

measure = règle (f); mesure (f)

medallion = médaillon (m)

medieval style = style (m) médiéval

mend = rapiécer; raccomoder v.

metal bound = relié en metal

metal = métal (m)

methyl cellulose = méthylcellulose (f)

methylated spirit = alcool (m) dénaturé

mildew, mould = moisissure (f)

miniature = miniature (f or adj.)

mitre joint = assemblage (m) à onglet

mitre = mitre (f)

mitred decoration = filets (m pl) à onglets

moire silk = moire (f)

monastic = reliure (f) monastique

morocco = maroquin (m)

mosaic = mosaïque (f)

mould = moisissure (f)

to mould, form, shape = former v.

to mount on guards = monter sur onglets (m pl)

mull = mousseline (f)

multi-coloured = en couleurs adv.

mylar = mylar (m)

neatsfoot oil = huile (f) de pied de boeuf

neck of a hide = cou (m)

needles = aiguilles (f pl)

to nest = se nicher v.

to neutralize = neutraliser v.

nipping press = presse (f) de relieur

nipping = mettre en presse v. (rapidement)

non-adhesive = sans colle (f)

octavo = in-octavo (m)

oilstone = pierre (f) à l’huile

on tape = sur rubans (m pl)

onlaying = mosaïque (f) appliquée

onlays = mosaïques (f pl) appliquées

to open a book = ouvrir un livre v.

oriental = oriental(e) adj.

original covers = couverture (f) d’origine

ornamental fillet = filet (m) de fantaisie; guilloché (f)

out of its binding = sans sa couverture (f)

outside edge of a wooden board, edgeways, the edge = chant (m); champ (m)

over-sewing, overcasting, whip-stitching = surjeter v.

oxalic acid = acide (m) oxalique

oxidation = oxydation (f)

to oxidize = oxyder v.

oxide = oxyde (m)

to pack down = compenser v.; tasser v.

packed (sewing) = compensé(e) adj.

packed sewing = couture (f) compensée

to paginate = paginer v.

palimpsest = palimpseste (m)

pallet = fer (m) à filet; palette (f)

palmette, palm leaf = palmette (f)

pamphlet stitch = couture (f) à un cahier; broché(e) adj.

pamphlet = brochure (f)

panel stamp = plaque (f)

panels = entre-nerfs (m pl)

paper bound = broché adj.

paper = papier (m)

paper-covered = couverture (f) en papier

paper binding = reliure (m) plein papier

paper decorator = décorateur (m) de papier

paper bound; paperback = livre (f) sous couverture de papier

papier mache = papier (m) mâché

papyrus = papyrus (m)

parchment = parchemin (m)

to pare = parer v.

to pare leather = parer le cuir v.

paring machine = machine (f) à parer

paring knife = couteau (m) à parer

paring stone = pierre (f) à parer

paring knife = couteau (m) à parer

paste brush = pinceau (m) à colle

paste = colle (f) de pâte; colle (f) d'amidon

to paste, glue, cover, coat = enduire; encoller v.

pasteboard = carton (m) collé, carton

pastedown/board sheet = garde (f) collée

patina = patine (f)

ph neutral papier = papier (m) neutre

pH value = pH (m)

pig vellum = parchemin (m) de porc

pigskin = peau (f) de porc

pigskin = peau (f) de truie; peau (f) de porc

to pinch = pincer v.

pivot point = point (m); point (m) d'articulation

plaquette binding = reliure (f) à plaquettes

plaquette = plaquette (f)

platen = platine (f)

plexiglass/plexi = plexiglass (m)

pliers = pinces (f)

plough = machine (f) à rogner les tranches; rogneuse (f); presse à rogner

pointille = style (m) pointillé

polimerization = polymérisation(f)

polishing iron = fer (m) à polir

polyvinyl acetate; PVA = acétate (m) de polyvinyle

pop-up = pop-up (m)

pore = pore (m)

portfolio = porte-folio (m)

potassium lactate = lactate (m) de potassium

to preserve = conserver v.

preservation = conservation (f)

press boards = ais (m)

press = presse (f)

to press = presser v.; mettre en presse

protection sheet = protection (f)

publishers binding = reliure (f) industrielle

pucker, puckered = plissé(e) adj.

puckered leather = cuir (m) plissé

to pull = débrocher v.

pumice = pierre (f) ponce

punch = poinçon (m)

punched hole = perforation (f), trou (m)

quarter bound, half-bound = demi-reliure (f)

quarto = in-quarto (m)

raised cord sewing = couture (f) sur nerfs; couture (f), sur ficelles

raised bands = nerfs (m pl)

rebacking = refaire v. le dos; réparer v. le dos

rebind = relier à nouveau v.

to rebind = relier à nouveau v.

to recase = réemboîter v.

recessed cords, sunken cords (sewing) = couture (f) à la grecque

recto = recto (m)

reflective = réfléchissante(e) adj.

regular grain goatskin = chagrin (m)

repair = réparation (f)

restore = restaurer v.

restorer = restaurateur (m) eure (f)

to retouch, touch up = retoucher v.

retouched, touched up = retouché(e) adj.

retouching, restoration = retouche (f)

retouching brush = pinceau (m) à retouches

roccoco = rococo

roll = roulette (f)

roll, fillet, roulette = roulette (f)

to roll = rouler v.

romanesque = romanesque adj.

rosette = rosace (f); rosette (f)

to round, to make round = arrondir v.

rounding = arrondissure (f)

rubber cement = colle (f) caoutchouc

rubbing = frottis (m)

to rubricate = rubriquer v.

rubrication = rubrique (f)

ruler, straight edge = règle (f)

Russia = cuir (m) de Russie

to saponify = saponifier v.

saw = scie (f)

to saw-in = grecquer (le cahier) v.

sawing-in = grecquage (m)

scalpel = scalpel (m)

scarf join (leather) =

scissors, chisel = ciseaux (m pl)

to score = marquer au plior v.

scraper, steel scraper = grattoir (m)

scroll = rouleau (m)

sculptural boards = plats (m pl) sculptés

sculptural book = livre-sculpture (m)

section, signature, gathering = cahier (m)

semis, dotting = semis; semé (m)

set of gouges = jeu (m) de filets (m pl)

to sew all along = coudre v. tout du long

to sew all-along = couture (f) tout du long

to sew, sewed, sewn = coudre v.

sewing = couture (f)

sewing frame = cousoir (m)

sewing key = chevillettes (f pl)

sewing on double cords = couture (f) sur double nerfs

sewing stations = [No word to word translation; we say ‘le trou suivant’. H.F.]

sewing support = support (m) de couture

sewing two-on = couture (f) à deux cahiers

sewing, stitching = brochage; couture (f)

sewn = cousu(e) adj.

sextodecimo = in-seize (m)

shagreen = chagrin (m)

to sharpen, hone = affûter, aiguiser v.

shears, scissors = ciseaux (m pl)

sheep parchment = parchemin (m) de mouton

sheepskin = peau (f) de mouton

sheepskin = basane, peau (f) de mouton

sheet = feuille (f)

shell gold = or (m) en coquille

shellac = gomme (f) laque; laque en écailles

shoulder = mors (m)

side, the board covered with paper, cloth or leather = plat (m)

side, board, the board (carton) covered with paper, cloth or leather = plat (m)

sides of a hide = flancs (m pl)

sides of the binding = tranches (f pl)

signature (see section) = cahier (m)

silk doublures = gardes (f pl) de soie; doublure (f)

silk = soie (f)

simplified = simplifé(e) adj.

simplified binding = reliure (f) simplifée

to size = encoller v.

skin = peau (f)

skiver = cuir (m) scié

slip stitch =

slip case = étui (m)

slips = ficelles (f); ficelles effilochées (f pl)

slitting = fendre v.

slotted = découpé(e) adj.; fendu(e) adj.

small tool = petit fer (m)

sodium hypochlorite = hypochlorite (m) de sodium (m)

the square = équerre (f)

span = entrer au trou suivant; dans le cahier supérieur, ou inférieur

span down = descendre v.

span up = monter v.

spatula = spatule (f)

speckled (for paper) = moucheté(e) adj.

speckled (edges) = jaspé(e) adj.

spine board = faux-dos (m)

spine = dos (m)

spine of a hide = échine (f)

spine lining = renfort (m) du dos; goudrons (m pl)

split or tear = déchirure (f)

to split = fendre v.

split leather, skiver = cuir (m) scié

split board = plat doubles (m pl)

spokeshave = racloir (m)

sponge = éponge (f)

springback binding = reliure (f) à ressort; dos (m) à ressort

sprinkled = jaspé(e) adj.

sprinkled edges = tranches (f pl) jaspées

square = chasse (f)

to square = mettre v. d'équerre v.

squares (parts of the boards extending beyond the textblock) = chasses (f pl)

to stab = piquer v. à travers

stabbing = piqûre (f) à travers

stain, spot = tache (f)

stamping machine = titreuse (f) à balancier

stamping block (block stamping the whole cover or a section of the cover) = plaque (f)

stand/ presentation stand = présentoir (m)

standing press = presse (f) à percussion

standing press, percussion press = presse (f) à percussion

starch = amidon (m), fécule (f)

to start (sections jumped) =

stick/rod (closure) = baguette (f); bâton (m)

stippled tooling = décoration (f) aux fers pointillés

to stitch = coudre to neutralize = neutraliser v.

stitched = broché(e) adj.; cousu(e) adj.

stone = pierre (f)

stove = poêle (m)

straight line tool = filet (m) droit

straight edge = règle (f)

strap, thong = lanière (f )

strapwork = enchevêtrement (m)

strawboard = carton (m) paille

stretching frame = châssis (m)

strike-through =

style of binding = espèce (f) de reliure; style (m) de reliure

suede = daim (m)

sumach tanned = tannage (f) au sumac

supported sewing = couture (f) sur supports

to swell = monter v. (swell of the spine)

swelling = gonflement (m); épaisseur (f) (if swell relating to the spine)

tablet = tablette (f)

tabs = languettes (f pl)

tack =

tacket =

tail area of a hide = croupion (m)

tail edge = tranche (f) de queue

tail = queue (f)

talcum = talc (m)

tampon = tampon (m); bouchon (m)

to tan = tanner v.

tannage, tanning = tannage (m)

tanner = tanneur(m); euse (f)

tannery = tannerie (f)

tannic acid = acide (m) tannique; tannin (m)

tannin = tannin (m)

tape = ruban (m)

tape sewn = couture (f) sur rubans

tawed = à l’alun adj.

tear = déchirure (f)

to tear = déchirer v.

technique = technique (f)

template, gauge of size or dimensions = gabarit (m)

tension, tautness = tension (f), raideur (f)

textblock = le corps (m) d’ouvrage

textile = textile (m)

thongs = lanières (f)

thread = fil (m)

throw-up = ouverture (f); forme du dos

throwing up ( of the book in opening) =

thymol = thymol (m)

tide-lines = cernes (m pl)

to tie, attach, to fasten = attacher v.

tie-downs = cordons (m pl); lanières (f pl); attaches (f pl)

to tie-up (raised bands, tie-up in boards) = fouetter v. les nerfs (m pl)

tight back = dos (m) propre

tight shoulder = reliure (f) sans gorge

tip (tipping line) = bout (m); truc (m)

tips = coins (m pl); renforts (m pl)

tongue and slot binding =

tool, finishing tool = fer (m), fer (m) à dorure

tool, implement = outil (m)

to tool, finish = dorer v.

tool blind = dorure (f) à froid

tooling = estampage (f); dorure (f); décor (m)

tooling press = presse (f) à dorer

tooling stove, finishing stove = réchaud (m), fourneau (m) à dorure

top board = plat (m) supérieur

top, head side = tête (f)

to touch up = retoucher v.

trade binding, edition binding = reliure d’éditeur

translation = traduction (f)

tree calf = veau (m) marbré; veau (m) raciné

trefoil = trèfle (m)

trichlorethylene = trichloréthylène (m)

to trim, cut in boards = rogner; couper; ébarber v.

trimmed edge = tranche ébarbée (f); tranche rognée (f)

trimming press (for use with a plough) = presse (f) à rogner

tuft of cottom wool = tampon (m) d’ouate

tunnel book = livre (m)-tunnel

tunnel = tunnel (m)

turn-in = rempli (m)

to turn-in = remplier v.

tweezers = pincettes (f pl); pince (f) à épiler

tying-up = fouettage (m)

type holder = composteur (m)

unbound = non relié(e) adj.

uncut edges, untrimmed = tranches (f pl) non rognées; non coupées

unopened = non coupé adj.

unsewn binding = reliure (f) sans couture

unsupported sewing = couture (f) sans supports (m pl)

untrimmed copy = exemplaire (m) non rogné

vegetable tanned = tannage (m) végétal adj.

vellum binding = reliure (f) en parchemin; reliure (f) en vélin

vellum fasteners = attaches (f pl) en vélin

vellum = vélin (m)

velvet = velours (m)

verso = verso (m)

viscosity = viscosité (f)

viscous = visqueux (se) adj.

warp = cambrure (f)

to warp = cambrer v.

to wash = laver; rincer v.

waste sheet = macule (f)

water stain = tache (f) d’humidité, cerne (m)

water brush = pinceau (m) à eau

wax = cire (f)

wear point = usure (f)

white endpapers = gardes (f pl) blanches

wire-hinge binding = charnières (f pl) métalliques

with a design = reliure (f) décorée; reliure (f) avec décor

wood veneer = placage (m) de bois; bois (m) plaqué

wood spine = dos (m) en bois

wood = bois (m)

wooden board = ais (m)

wooden boards = ais ( m s or pl)

worn = usé(e) adj.

wrappers = chemise (f); jaquette (f)

yapp; binding with yapp edges = reliure (f) à rabats; reliure Yapp

zig-zag endpaper = gardes (f pl) avec zig-zag

Words relating to paper, paper decoration, papermaking/Les mots utilisés dans la papeterie, décoration du papier:

abaca = abaca (m)

acid-free paper = papier (m) sans acide

agar = agar-agar (m)

alkaline = alcalin(e) adj.

alum rosin sizing = colophane (f) d’alun

alum = alun (m)

ammonium sulphate = sulphate (m) d’ammonium

ammonium sulphide = sulfure (m) d’ammonium

bast, bass (tree) = tilleul (m)

bast fibres = les fibres (f pl) de basat

beater = batteur(m); batteuse (f)

Bible paper = papier (m) oignon

bleach = décolorant (m)

to bleach = blanchir; décolorer v.

blotting paper = papier (m) buvard

borax = borax (m)

bristol board = papier (m) bristol; bristol (m)

calcium carbonate = carbonate (m) de calcium

calcium hydroxide = hydroxide (m) de calcium

calendered = calandré(e) adj.

caragheenan, caragheen, Irish moss = mousse (f) d’Irlande; carrraghénine (f)

cartridge paper = papier (m) fort

cellulose = cellulose (f)

chain lines = pontuseaux (f pl) [This is a hard one. In a hand made sheet of paper there are the lines running parallel to the long side (pontuseaux pl) and those running parallel to the short side of the sheet (vergeures f pl) so chainlines should be pontuseaux (f pl). H.F.]

chemical wood pulp = pâte (f) chimique

clay coated, a coating = couché(e) adj.; couche (f)

to coat = couvrir v.

coating = couche (f)

cockle = gondolement (m); gondolage (m)

to cockle = gondoler v.

cockling = gondolement (m); gondolage (m)

cold pressed = pressé(e) à froid adj.

comb pattern, nonpareil = marbré (m) peigné; nonpareil (m)

cotton paper = papier (m) coton

to couch = coucher v.

cross grain = contre-grain adv.

deckle edge = bord (m) barbé

deckle = barbes (f pl)

durable = durable; résistant(e) adj.

felt = feutre (m)

fibre = fibre (f)

fibrillation = fibrillation (f)

filler = remplissage (m)

filling, loading = charge (f)

to flatten = aplatir v.

flax = lin (m)

Fourdrinier = fourdrinier

gall = noix (f s or pl) de galle

gallic acid = acide (m) gallique

gampi = gampi (m)

glassine = papier (m) pelure; papier (m) parcheminé

grain = grain (m)

groundwood = pâte (f) mécanique

hand dyed = teint(e) à la main adj.

handmade paper = papier (m) fait-main

hemp = chanvre (m)

Hollander/Hollander beater = cylindre (m) hollandais, pile (f)

humidified = humidifié(e) adj.

hydrophilic = hydrophile (m or f) adj.

hygroscopic = hygroscopique adj.

inclusions = inclusions (f pl)

Japanese paper = papier (m) japonais; papier (m) japon

jute = jute (m)

kaolin = kaolin (m)

kozo = kozo (m)

kraft paper = papier (m) kraft

laid/laid and chain =

laid lines = vergeures (f pl)

lignan = lignine (f)

long grain = grain (m) long

machine direction = grain (m) machine

magnesium bicarbonate = bicarbonate (m) de magnésium

to marble = marbrer v.

marbled paper = papier (m) marbré

Mitsumata = mitsumata (m)

mould made paper = papier (m) fait-main

mould (papermaking mould) = forme (f); châssis (m)

mould, fungis = moisissure (f)

neutral = neutre (m)

to neutralize = neutraliser v.

neutralization = neutralisation (f)

newsprint = papier (m) journal

opacity = opacité (f)

oxalic acid = acide (m) oxalique

oxgall = fiel (m) de boeuf

paper pulp = pâte (f) à papier; pulpe (f)

paper weight standard = la norme (f) de poids du papier (norme =standard)

paper = papier (m)

papyrus = papyrus (m)

paste paper = papier (m) à la colle

permanent/durable = permanent(e)/durable adj.

permanent = permanent(e) (f) adj.

printed paper = papier (m) imprimé

pulp = pâte (f) à papier

pulpboard = carton-pâte (m)

quire = cahier (m)

rag paper = papier (m) chiffon

rattle (to rattle) = cliqueter v.

ream = rame (f)

short grain = grain (m) court

size (to size) = encoller v.

sizing = encollage (m)

sodium hypochlorite = hypochlorite (m) de sodium (m)

stain (as a noun) = tache (f)

stain = maculer v.

Sulfate paper/Kraft = papier (m) de sulfate

Sulfite paper = papier (m) de sulfite

tear resistance = résistance (f) à la déchirure

tear strength = déchirer force

the rattle of paper = le cliquetis (m) du papier

tissue paper = papier (m) de soie

tracing paper = papier-calque (m); calque (m)

tragacanth = gomme (f) adragante

turpentine = térébenthine (f)

vat = cuve (f)

waste paper = macule (f)

watermark = filigrane (m)

wire screen = grille (f) à jasper

wove (in paper) = papier (m) vélin

wrinkle (in paper) = pli (m); faux-pli (m)

Words relating to printing/Les mots utilisés dans l’impression:

a print,mark, imprint = impression (f)

a stamp = cachet (m), tampon (m)

acetone = acétone (f)

addenda = addenda (m)

an engraving or print = estampe (f); ciselure (f)

annotation = annotation (f)

aquarelle, watercolour = aquarelle (f)

aquatint = aquatinte (f)

artist’s proof = épreuve (f) d'artiste

artist’s book = livre (m) d'artiste

autograph = autographe (m)

benzene = benzène (m)

black letters, gothic letters = caractères (m)gothiques

book illustration = art (m) de l’illustration (f); illustration (f)

book decoration = décoration (f) des livres; décor (m)

bookplate = ex-libris (m)

broadside = in-plano (m) (printing); format (m) oblong or à l’italienne

calligraphed = calligraphié(e) adj.

calligraphy = calligraphie (f)

casting machine = fondeuse (f)

cellulose-acetate = acétate (m) de cellulose

chained book = livre (m) enchaîné

chase (printing frame) = châssis (m)

chased; engraved = ciselé(e); gravé(e) adj.

chasing = ciselure (f)

chiaroscuro = camaïeu (m); en clair-obscur adv.

chine-collé = chine (m) collé

chromolithography = chromolithographie (f)

clandestine press = imprimerie (f) clandestine; presse (f) clandestine

clay tablet = tablette (f) d'argile

collage = collage (m)

collation = collation (f)

collotype = phototypie (f)

colophon = colophon (m)

coloured pencils = crayons (m pl) de couleur

computer printed = imprimé(e) par ordinateur adj.

copper-plate = taille-douce (f)

cover design = dessin (m) de couverture

cursive = caractère (m) cursif

cylinder press = presse (f) à cylindre

decorated paper = papier (m) décoré

decoration = décoration (f)

dry pigment = pigment (m) en poudre

dry-point = à la pointe (f) sèche; pointe (f) sèche

duodecimal = in-douze (m)

dust cover = chemise (f); jaquette(f)

dye = teinture (f)

engraved = estampé(e); gravé(e) adj.

errata slip = errata (m)

etched = gravé(e) à l’eau-forte adj.

etching = eau-forte (f); eaux-fortes (f pl); gravure (f) à l’eau forte

foliation (numbering of leaves) = foliotage (m); pagination (f); numérotation (f)

folio = in-folio (m)

font = fonte (f)

format = format (m)

forme = forme (f) d’impression

frontispiece = frontispice (m)

gouache = gouache (f)

graving tool = ciseau (m); burin (m)

half title = faux-titre (m)

half tone screen = trame (f)

halftone = similigravure (f)

hand embossed = estampé(e) à la main adj.

hand composition = composition (f) à la main; composition (f) manuelle

hand press = presse (f) à bras

hand coloured = colorié(e) à la main adj.

hand set = livre (m) typographié; composé(e) à la main adj.

handprinted = imprimé(e) à la main adj.; imprimé(e)en typographie adj.

handwriting = écriture (f)

holograph = holographe (m)

illuminated manuscript = manuscript (m) enluminé

illuminated = enluminé(e) adj.

illumination = enluminure (f)

illustrated = illustré(e) adj.

illustration = illustration (f)

illustrations = illustrations (f pl)

image = image (f)

imagery = imagerie (f); images (f pl)

imposition = imposition (f)

imprint = rubrique (f) de l’éditeur; rubrique (f) de l’imprimeur

in or by stencil = au pochoir adv.

incunable, incunabulum = incunable (m)

index = index (m)

India ink = encre (f) de chine

initial letter = initiale (f); also lettrine (f) if large or coloured

ink = encre (f)

inkroller = rouleau (m); rouleur (m) encreur

inner margin, gutter = petit fond (m)

intaglio = impression (f) en creux; gravure (f) en creux

keyboard = clavier (m)

laser printed = imprimé(e) au laser adj.

leaf = feuillet (m); feuille (m)

letter = lettre (f)

lettering/hand lettering = lettrage

letterpress = typographie (f)

ligature = ligature (f)

line-engraving = gravure (f) au trait

lino cut = gravure (f) sur linoléum

linoleum print = linogravure(f); gravure sur linoléum

linoleum block = linoleum (m) or linoléum (m)

linotype = linotype (f)

lithograph = lithographie (f)

lithographic printing = impression (f) lithographique

lithography = lithographie (f)

making-up = mise (f) en page(s)

manuscript = manuscrit (m)

margin = marge (f)

matrix = matrice (f)

mezzotint = mezzotinte (f)

mixed media = médias (m pl) mixtes

monotype = monotype (f)

multi media (mixed media) = multimédias (m pl)

octavo = in-octavo (m)

offset book = livre (m) en offset

offset printed = imprimé(e) en offset adj.

offset lithography = lithographie (f) en offset

offset printing = imprimerie (f) offset

oxidized plate = crée par oxydation de la plaque

page = page (f)

pagination = pagination (f)

palimpsest = palimpseste (m)

pearlescent = perlé(e) adj.; nacré(e) adj.

pen = stylo (m)

photocopies = photocopies (f pl)

photograph = photographie (f)

pigment = pigment (m)

planagraphic printing = impression (f) à plat, procédé (m) à plat

plate = plaque (f)

platen = platine(f)

point = point (m)

press, printing press = presse (f)

print = imprimé (m)

print, proof = épreuve (f)

print state = épreuve (f) avec toute lettre [???]

print shop = imprimerie (f)

printed = imprimé (e) adj.

printer = imprimeur (m) eure (f)

printer = imprimante (f) (e.g laser printer = imprimante au laser)

printers mark = marque (f) d’imprimeur

printers ink = encre (f) d’imprimerie

printing (act of) = impression (f), envoyer à l’impression

private press = imprimerie (f) privée ; presse (f) privée

proof = épreuve (f)

prussic acid = acide (m) prussique

publisher’s device = marque (f) d’éditeur; rubrique (f) de l’éditeur

pull (trial print) = épreuve (f) d’essai

punch = poinçon (m)

quarto = in-quarto (m)

relief printing = procédé (m) en relief; estampage (f) en relief; embossage (m)

relief = en relief adv.

Roman letters (letterforms) = lettres (f pl) romaines; caractères (m pl) romains

rosin = colophane (f)

rotogravure, photogravure = rotogravure (f)

sans-serif = caractère (m) sans empattement

scriptorium = scriptorium (m)

scroll = rouleau (m)

section (in bookbinding) = cahier (f)

sepia = sépia (f)

serif = empattement (m)

serigraph, silk screen = sérigraphie (f)

serigraphed = sérigraphié(e) adj.

sheet = feuille (f)

signature (in bookbinding) = cahier (m)

silk screen printing = sérigraphie (f)

silverpoint = dessin (m) à la pointe d’argent

soft-ground = au vernis (m) mou

space = espace (f)

spacing = espacement (m)

to stamp in relief, to emboss = repousser v.; embosser v.

stamping pad = tampon (m) encreur

stamping, tooling = estampage (m)

stamping = estampillage (m)

steel (plate) engraving = gravure (f) sur acier

stencil = pochoir (m)

stippling = pointillage (m); pointillé (m)

text = texte (m); corps (m)

the printing = imprimerie (f)

title = titre (m)

title page = page (f) de titre

to stamp, punch = poinçonner v.

to pull a print = tirer une gravure (f) v.

to pull = tirer des épreuves (f pl) d’essai v.

to print = imprimer v.

to collate = comparer; collationer v.

to stamp = estamper; frapper v.

to decorate = décorer v.

to print = imprimer v.

to paginate = paginer v.

to make up = mettre en pages v.

to distribute the type = distribuer la composition (f) v.

to compose = composer v.

to dye, dyed, dyeing = teindre v.; teinte(e) adj.; teinture (f)

to engrave = ciseler v.; estamper v.; graver v

to folioate = folioter v.; paginer v.; numéroter v.

to justify (type) = justifier v.

to typeset = composer v.

type face = oeil (m) (d’un caractère)

type holder, composing stick = composteur (m)

type = caractères (m) (e.g. caractères Garamont - Garamont type)

typesetter = compositeur (m); trice (f)

typesetting = composition (f)

typographic = typographique adj.

typography = typographie (f)

unnumbered = non numéroté(e) adj.

upper case letter, capital letter = majuscule (f)

verso = verso (m)

volume = volume (m)

watercolour = aquarelle (f)

wax tablet = tablette (f) de cire

wood engraver = graveur (m) sur bois

wood engraving = gravure (f ) sur bois

woodcut block = bois (m); bois gravé (m)

woodcuts by the artist = gravures (f pl) sur bois de l’artiste

wooden tablet = tablette (f) de bois

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