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Bookbinding 1 - Independent Stream

Bookbinding 1 is the fundamental course, teaching terminology, materials, tools, techniques, and basic concepts. The goal is to present solid grounding, teaching the basics necessary to build on.

The Independent Stream for Bookbinding 1 consists of approximately 12 hours of videos in MP4 format on a USB drive, a manual in PDF format on the USB drive, and the lexicon. The manual includes a short recommended-reading list and suppliers list. CBBAG Home Study videos were recorded during a live workshop. The “fly-on-wall” experience means that the videos have all the charms and faults of a real-life workshop situations and not all elements are shown in step-by-step direct demonstrations. For a disciplined learner, the information will be of excellent value.

The Bookbinding 1 curriculum has been created assuming that the participant has no previous professional bookbinding training. A progression in complexity is built into the projects, so the work should be done in the order presented.

Bookbinding 1 covers the following main subjects:

  • Setting up a workspace
  • Materials: thread, paper, book cloth and board
  • A variety of techniques: folding, slitting, board preparation, lining, pasting, tipping, filling-in, pressing, drying, measuring, etc.
  • Sewing a textblock, supported and unsupported
  • Making a flat back German style case and hanging-in the textblock
  • Quarter, half, and full cloth case binding


  • Learning about paper and pamphlet sewing: Models - single section pamphlet; two-section pamphlet; two-section pamphlet variation with “W” concertina
  • Sewing a textblock: Model - four-needle, two station, butterfly stitched sewn textblock
  • Working with board, cutting by hand, squaring, sanding, and lining: Model- picture frame
  • Bookcloth Exercise: Models - sized cloth, sized and backed cloth, backed cloth
  • Casing-in a book: Model - butterfly stitched textblock with historic endpapers in a full cloth German case
  • Casing-in a book: Model - unsupported all-along French link sewn textblock with historic endpapers in a paper and quarter cloth German case
  • Casing-in a book: Model - supported, tape-sewn textblock with hooked endpapers in a paper, and half cloth German case


The Home Study Independent Stream workshops are not eligible as prerequisites for in-studio workshops nor towards a CBBAG Certificate of Completion.

CBBAG Home Study materials are copyrighted. In purchasing any Home Study workshop participants must agree to the CBBAG the Home Study Programme Policy and may not duplicate the manuals or videos except for their personal educational use.

Policy: Click here for the Home Study policy.

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