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Leather - Independent Stream

Introduction to Leather is designed as an adjunct to Bookbinding 3. The workshop is a comprehensive introduction to the different types of leather and explores a variety of paring techniques used in bookbinding.

Introduction to Leather consists of 3 hours of video in MP4 format and a manual.

Introduction to Leather is included in all purchases of Bookbinding 3 but is also available for purchase as a separate module.


  • Animal skins
  • Fibre structure of skins
  • Leather layers after tannage
  • Differences in skins
    • Hair pattern
    • Breed of animal
    • Size of the animal
    • Age of the animal
    • Feeding and living conditions
    • Gender
  • Objectives in tanning
  • Steps in the tanning process:
    • Vegetable tanning
    • Chrome tanning
    • Combination tanning
    • Semi-aluminum
  • Tawing
  • Vellum
    • Process of preparation
  • Parts of the skin
  • Cutting position on the skin
  • Paring
  • Goals in paring
    • Steps in paring
    • Paring surfaces
    • Paring knives
    • Sharpening
    • Paring techniques
  • Adaptation of the spokeshave
  • How to Use a spokeshave
  • Paring machines
  • Pasting-up leather
    • Pasting technique
  • Mitred corner
  • Lining the spine with leather


The Home Study Independent Stream workshops are not eligible as prerequisites for in-studio workshops nor towards a CBBAG Certificate of Completion.

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